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Walls, beds, couches, homes, offices, yoga studios, anything you want. Decorate and create your ultimate dream space with beautiful quality large wall tapestries.
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Sacred Geometry & Mandala Wall Tapestries

  • Shipped From The USA

    Printed on 100% polyester fabric resulting in beautiful vibrant colors and machine washable.

    This extremely strong and durable fabric retains its shape and dries quickly.

  • 3 Large Sizes Available

    Available in 3 versatile sizes to suit any space:

    50" x 60"
    68" x 80"
    88" x 104"

  • Shipping Info

    Our premium wall tapestries are hand made to order to give the most care and love to each product that we ship. We aim to achieve a timeframe of 7-15 days from production to delivery.
    • Please note that due to covid 19 it is possible that delivery times may vary from time to time.